Knitwear design and production.

We produce by and for you

If you are used to knitting and have your own design, we will provide you with assistance throughout the whole process until the garment is finished.

We design adapting our creative approach to your project.

If you are clear about the inspiration and direction your collection should have but you don't know how to work with knitwear, we will guide you from the initial conceptualization and sample development. We get involved to understand and design a collection according to your wishes.

Tailor-made projects

We lead the creative process of your collections as well as their development and production. We offer a creative service, led by our design team, in which we provide all the tools to develop your collection. We dedicate time to understand your objectives, as well as the values and identity of your brand.

We have our own collection

We also have an original sample book that is constantly updated by our creative team and designers, and can be adapted to the individual needs of each client.

I + D + I

In the last decade, the textile industry has undergone many changes at different political, economic, socio-cultural and environmental levels. In addition, production techniques and processes have been evolving from a technological point of view, and traditional yarns and fibers have progressed towards a much more sustainable and environmentally responsible position. At Pivellon we are constantly learning, adapting to all the changes and challenges that arise, in order to offer the best solutions to our customers. Research and training, the optimization and renovation of traditional production methods, the incorporation of new techniques, and the continuous updating of our machinery are a constant in Pivellon's philosophy. We improve every day to guarantee the quality of all our products.


Craftsmanship plays a fundamental role in our business model. The entire garment manufacturing process is handmade. Forty percent of the work is carried out with the support of sewing machines, for example remallosa, and the remaining sixty percent is the work of the sewing staff. From the time the first concepts are developed until the garment is ready in the warehouse there is a chain of work, and at each step of the process there is a person involved whose activity is essential. A seemingly insignificant error can result in the garment no longer being useful and becoming waste, something we want to avoid at all costs.

Our process

Our way of working is adjusted to each particular case.


The process starts with a face-to-face meeting at the factory to understand your needs and objectives.


We started working on the design proposal, sample development and budget.


We launch production. Lead times depend entirely on each individual case; factors such as units, annual period, yarn delivery date, etc., all play a role.


We make the final delivery with each customer's own packaging and labeling.

Trust in us