Pivellon Group

In the 1970s Salvador Pinilla, the father of the current partners and owners of the company, was a door-to-door salesman of fabrics, clothing and household goods. In 1980, they became associated with a knitwear company and in 1982 they decided to dissociate themselves and establish their own company in small premises in a municipality of Toledo, with a staff of 12 workers. That same year they were already developing collections and offering them to wholesalers in Madrid and other cities in Spain. In 1990 the company had 250 employees.



Years of experience



Units per year


Operating machines

We possess all the elements that are part of our supply chain. We have all facilities in-house: weaving, manufacturing, laundering, ironing, labelling and final packaging.

An annual production of 4 million units of clothing. Each person in our supply chain has specific responsibilities and performs a particular task in the production chain to deliver the best value proposition to our customers.

Today we have more than 70 employees and, for over three decades, we have been working with a large number of suppliers all over the world.

The original factory, where we carry out a large part of our production today, is located in Toledo. All garments are woven and manufactured here. However, we also offer the possibility of relocating production to our factories in China, Turkey and Morocco.

Local production

The factory and part of our offices are located in Toledo. Here we have all the elements that are part of our supply chain.
C/Roma, n潞 4. 45161 - Pol谩n (Toledo)

International scale

The factory and part of the offices are located in Toledo and we own all the elements that are part of our supply chain.

International scale

If your order is very large we also produce on an international scale with our specialized factories.


We work with different gauges depending on the thickness of the garment to be knitted, from gauge 14 to gauge 3. The gauge is the number of needles per English inch, therefore gauge 14 produces the thinest fabrics and gauge 3 produces the thickest.

Production capacity

Production capacity depends on the complexity of the garment, but in general terms we have the capacity to produce between 2,500 and 5,000 units per day.


We use Shima Seiki machines, the latest and most technologically advanced model on the market. We have different machines for each type of gauge.

Supply chain

We have all the in-house facilities: weaving, sewing, washing, ironing, labelling and final packaging.


Pivellon also lead projects that promote textile innovation in the medical sector.

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